Se c’era un negozio decente a Torino era la Fnac. Oggi scopro che l’hanno chiusa perché ci vogliono aprire Pull&Bear.
A me piace tanto comprare t-shirt da 5 euro e cazzate che non metterò mai però non si può rinunciare a un posto che vende libri, cd e poster per avere un negoIo di moda usa e getta.
A questo punto aprite un Burger King, che almeno se magna!

torino Fnac pull&bear

Me during the entire months of summer: sleep, eat, television, video games, don't see sunlight for 3 days

Everyone else in one day of summer: went to the moon, fell in love, traveled to france, met obama, kissed lance bass, starred in a porn, got a tattoo, rode a giraffe


I know you’re sad, so I won’t tell you to have a good day. Instead, I advise you to simply have a day. Stay alive, feed yourself well, wear comfortable clothes, and don’t give up on yourself just yet. It’ll get better. Until then, have a day.

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sorry to break it to you all but being a fan of someone is not a competition, in competitions there are losers and winners, but in a fandom there are only losers and it’s all of us

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